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The Agitprop Committee produces all of the outward communications for the chapter. Whether that’s buttons, flyers, op-eds, posters, or videos, our committee is a one stop shop for all creative aspects of the revolution. We’re building a lively group of writers, designers, videographers and other enthusiastic lefties who want to help build a vibrant socialist movement in Denver. Help make great videos for our Youtube channel! Get involved by tabling at concerts! Whatever your talents, this is your home for using creativity to build a more just society based on social rights, common ownership, and economic democracy.



This committee works to build working-class political power and fight for racial and economic justice through electoral means. Electing socialist candidates not only advances an anti-capitalist agenda in the realm of policy-making, but also builds our movement by exposing people to radical politics — think of how many people became a part of DSA because of the Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigns. The Electoral Committee’s work includes interviewing candidates for endorsement, coordinating canvasses and phone banking for campaigns we have endorsed, and writing our own ballot measures. Currently, we are focused on the upcoming Denver municipal elections taking place in May of 2019.


The Ecosocialist Committee promotes ecosocialism and environmental justice, and works to stop climate change through policy advocacy and direct action. We are building an environmentally just and sustainable transition to a green economy for all members of the community, with focus and attention on marginalized and oppressed communities.



The Healthcare Committee handles Medicare for All canvasses, education, and health-care related events and tabling. Our current goals include pressuring politicians to support single payer, building connections with healthcare workers and coalitions in the state, helping DSA members learn how to talk about single payer, and providing healthcare services to underserved community members. Our major long-term healthcare goals include winning Medicare for All and continuing to work towards health justice for everyone.



The Labor Committee aims to radicalize the workers’ movement in Denver. It oversees three areas of labor activism: (1) supporting rank-and-file activists through trainings and mentorship; (2) developing alliances with labor organizations that are democratic, militant, and politically progressive; and (3) educating the left on the labor movement’s past, present, and future challenges. Our current campaigns include $15 for DIA and the Workplace Organizing Collective.

Internal Organizing

The Internal Organizing Committee is a place to learn about the craft of organizing, develop our skills, and discuss organizing principles and ideas with fellow comrades. People with all levels of experience are warmly welcomed – We’re building this plane as we fly it! Our most recent short term goal was to create a system for onboarding new members (the 101 and 202 events). We’re now working on a chapter steward program. Long-term goals are to support and identify leaders in our chapter, develop members’ organizing skills, provide a space to dig into the labor philosophy of organizing, and continue the work of building a resilient and self-sustaining organizing container for the chapter.

Mutual Aid


The DSA Denver Mutual Aid Committee is committed to fostering political change through direct material support and building new models of social engagement that resist the current system of political and economic marginalization. The committee strives to listen to and meet members of our community where they are, as well as support organizations in the Greater Denver area whose goals align with those of the committee. Past projects include hygienic product and winter clothing drives, as well as Medicaid and Affordable Housing outreach and sign up events. Currently, the Mutual Aid Committee is building an eviction and tenant defense canvassing campaign to stomp out slumlords.

Political Education​

Denver DSA’s Political Education Committee believes that without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement. We read the works of revolutionary thinkers both past and present to develop our chapters political praxis. Events hosted by the Political Education Committee include reading groups, public presentations, and Socialist Day School. Our goals are to improve the political knowledge of our members and to inform the public of what socialism truly is and how it can improve their lives.

Racial Justice

The DSA Racial Justice Committee acknowledges that when we talk about the working class, it is a disproportionately female and non-white section of society. We believe that while racism is a tool used in capitalism to oppress, getting rid of capitalism is not enough to truly make an equitable society. Our committee strives to educate on these issues and to engage in racial justice work through a socialist lens. So far the committee: maintains membership with CIRC, has hosted two annual holiday cards for incarcerated youth events, hosts regular Racial Justice movie screenings, is planning educational events on modern slavery, BDS and Palestine, and is hosting day of action to repeal the death penalty.

Socialist Feminist


Denver DSA’s Socialist-Feminist committee kicked off in March of 2018 with a Women in the Workplace panel to celebrate International Women’s Day. The Soc-Fem committee is open to women, non-binary, and transgender folks who are passionate about fighting back against all oppressive systems of domination in our communities. We recognize that feminism must be intersectional; that misogyny still exists, even in left-leaning spaces; and that socialist-feminism is the future.


The Steering Committee is composed of the secretary and treasurer of the Local, the chair of each permanent Committee of the Local, and the chair of the Auraria YDSA Local. The Steering Committee is the regular executive body of the chapter. It administers the affairs of the Local and oversees the implementation of the decisions of the General and Regular Meetings. Its meetings are bimonthly and open to all members.


The Tech Committee is responsible for maintaining technological infrastructure for the chapter, as well as providing education and services to the chapter broadly. We’ve recently organized information security trainings and Action Network trainings for our members. Our long-term goals include the end of surveillance capitalism and nationalization of Amazon.