October 2018

DSA members in front of sign reading '$15 for DIA'

This month has been particularly rough politically. The daily suffering that survivors of abuse and assault have endured during the Kavanaugh confirmation process, and the sheer unfeeling cruelty of our legislators in the wake of these revelations has weighed heavily on all of us. The white capitalist patriarchy reifies itself yet again as the principle enemy in the struggle for justice and liberation, and our only salvation is to organize, organize, organize!

To that end, our labor and electoral committees have been hard at work canvassing for the #15forDIA initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all Denver International Airport workers. Over the last month and a half, dozens of DSA volunteers have gathered every weekend to collect over 2,000 signatures to help UNITE HERE Local 23 get the initiative on the May 2019 ballot. Comprising the largest group of grassroots volunteers on the campaign by far, our chapter will continue to prioritize solidarity with DIA workers.

Woman holding leaflet entitled 'What is Socialist Feminism?'

Denver DSA’s Socialist Feminist Committee also participated in the March For Black Women. The unique struggle of black women and women of color stands precariously at the intersection of white supremacy and misogyny, but they are too often relegated to the sidelines of our movements. Denver DSA’s Socialist Feminist Committee stands in solidarity with the movement against violence, sexual abuse, and deportation of black and brown women across the nation.

People gathered around a Colorado Working Families Party banner

Denver DSA’s elected delegates attended the Colorado Working Families Party Annual State Committee Meeting and cast their votes on behalf of the chapter on a range of candidates and ballot initiatives ahead of the November 2018 elections. We are excited to be a part of the Colorado Working Families Party and hope to help it grow into a powerhouse of progressive change across the state.

YDSA paraphernalia

Auraria YDSA held their first Socialism 101 event on the Auraria campus, illustrating the problem of capitalism, the necessity of Democratic Socialism, and what we can do to bring about a better world. Unconditional solidarity with our YDSA comrades in their struggle to build a revolutionary student movement here in Denver!

While the road may be torturous, the future is bright!